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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

Hi Barbra!

I am glad to know that there are medical people out there trying to learn
more about treating their patients.  We have been with endos and CDEs
that just said all kids are alike and they all cheat.  If those people
really took the time to learn more about this disease and the people who
have it, then they would know that they are all DIFFERENT!  Learn all you
can Barbra in every way you can.  You will be a valuable asset to your
patients.  It is just as important, if not more so, to be wise beyond the
book learning.  The books can only teach you what the basis of the
disease is.  Books cannot tell you what the people are actually like and
how each one reacts differently to different treatments.  The more you
talk to "us" both the diabetics themselves and those who care for them,
the more you will learn that while there are a great number of
similarities, there are a greater number of differences.

Welcome to the list!  I too applaud your efforts.  Do you treat adults,
kids or a mix?
Update on Ravi.  He has been pumping Humalog since October 23, 1997.  He
is much better now than he ever was on multiple injections.  We are still
trying to establish the night time basal rate into mid-morning.  We are
going slow with Ravi because he definitely isn't a "NORMAL" diabetic! 
Ravi's CDE learned that very quickly!

Rose (aka Ravi's mom)