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[IP] Re: MiniMed vs. Disetronic


I like your comments on how you decided to choose one pump over the
other.  When we looked at the pump for Ravi (10 years old) we actually
went to the local diabetes education center and looked at both pumps
hands on.  We talked to the pump trainer about an hour and she explained
both pumps to us.  Ravi got to "play" with both pumps and was in on the
decision which pump he wanted.  We too decided that MiniMed was just a
little more user friendly.  I had talked to the local reps for both
companies and to the companies via the 800 numbers.  I started my search
for pump info last summer.  I am still waiting for a response from
Disetronic!  The doctor did not tell us which pump to us, nor did our
pump trainer, we decided on our own.  We liked the feature on the MiniMed
that allowed us to bolus or set basal rates in .1 units.  A very
important feature for us.  We were told that you can send the D back to
the company and have it's program changed.  More delays!  Of course a
"major" factor in Ravi's decision was that MiniMed comes in cool blue! 

Rose (aka Ravi's mom)