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[IP] Re: Complications

Hi.  This is Michelle, the one who had the laser without the anesethetic
and couldn't hold still.  Well when I asked the Dr,. Dr. Pince at Kaiser
Anaheim, he said he had never given a shot behind the eye.  Now, I don't
know if he meant that he had never given it for surgery before of if he
had NEVER given it before.  REALLY SCARY!!  I asked him about
complications and he said something about freezing!?!  It has been a week
since he tried the laser surgery and my left eye ( that's all he could
start to do before he figured out that he would need to anesthetize me)
still hurts(not bad, feels like a burn and pressure, I guess).  Kaiser
only has a few different lasers and I guess the yellow ones hurt less.   
Anywho.  This guy was recommended to me by someone in my pump group but I
am wondering if this is the wisest choice.  I called another retinal
specialist and it would cost something like $400 just to walk thru the
door.  Sooo does anyone have any suggestions or any suggestions of Drs.
in Kaiser  So. Cal?  How fast do I need to act on the fact that they say
I need treatment?  In April I am gettting married and will change to Blue
Cross.   Thanks for listening and answering any questions....I know I
have alot....and this is my first complication and Kaiser is not
instilling very much confidence in me by their actions as of late which
are too lengthy to go into great detail here.  Bye ~Michelle