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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

I may be out of place here but I have to make my comment as well.  Barbara,
kudos to you!!  I thank you for at least trying to "understand" what we are
going through.  Keep up the good work.
NOW, i can't keep reading all these comments and not stop to say something.
 I have never heard so much WOE IS ME attitude ever!!!  HOLY S.....!  Ok,
we all have diabeties.  We didn't ask for it, we didn't do anything to
"attract" it; but we have it.  Now live with it!  Be thankful that we have
a disease we can somewhat "control".  Buddy, you make it sound as though i
should pull out the ole violin and feel soooooooo sorry for you.  Yeah, it
sucks having diabeties; but think about all the other people in this world
that have brain cancer, ovarian cancer, Leukemia, MS, anything other than a
disease that can be controled.
I am now living with the fact that my mom has a malignant tumor in her
brain and they are trying to figure out how delicate an operation it will
be.  Yeah, I have diabeties......at this point......BIG WOOP!
Now, that was my $10.95 comment
Smile......it makes you more attractive!!

At 02:18 PM 12/7/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Please refrain from the use of sarcasm. I am here with a sincere
>>concern for my own patients.
>    I told you in my post that there was no sarcasm intended. If you took
>any that is not my fault. My only point is that educators and health
>professionals can not start to understand what a diabetic has to deal with
>and cope with by strapping a pump on a couple of weekends. I understand that
>you are doing something to try and enlighten yourself on what we deal with
>but in my opinion that is just like a new pumper having to go through a time
>pumping saline! You don't learn how to shoot, (target practice) with blanks.
>I understand your idea that you can see what it is like to connected to a
>device for a while but try it with some insulin and experience a 35 BG and
>cope with that a few times and see how you do with less brain cells. Do it
>while you are at the mall and have no idea how you got there or where you
>have been. See what it is like to "come to " someplace with a stranger
>milling over you trying to find out who you are and what you have been
>drinking and why so early in the morning!
>    Yes, that is a good idea. . . . .  put something besides saline so you
>can really see what we have to cope with. From what I have read they used to
>use insulin for "shock treatment" in the mental hospitals. Yea, try that for
>a week-end.
>    I still admire you for all your efforts, don't get me wrong. I'm proud
>of you. At least you are trying, most DOCTORS and other health care people
>have no idea of what a diabetic has to deal with. one more thing, I have no
>idea what it feels like to have cancer either but I would not go through
>chemo therapy just to see what it is like.
>    I mean no offense or sarcasm, this is just my opinion and I have a right
>to it.
>Buddy '-)