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Re: [IP] Re: Both of You

buddybarber wrote:
> .  But, alas, I am also new to this list and my opinion may
> >not be appreciated.    ~Michelle
> We are all new. . . . . and we appreciate everybody' opinion!
> Buddy '-)
Dear All,
I guess you can say I've been shooting blanks I believe was the term in
my new pump for the last 3 days.. I Go tomorrow to start the real thing
and you know what?? I'm glad I had the opportunity to shot those blanks
first! I needed the time to get used to the wieght and the feel of the
pump and the tubing and the ALARMS without the additional stress of
knowing that the real thing was going in at the time. I was able to
practice square wave and regular bolus and setting basal rates and get
the blasted tape almost over the hole before it stuck to something I
don't consider myself to be foolish for going this route first. I
believe for me that it gave me the extra confidence I needed without the
panic factor of knowing I might have messed up with my own bod by not
having the chance to practice with out possible disasterous results.
You might all get a laugh out of the fact that yeaterday while siting in
the kitchen my hubby and I heard a beep sound - now haviong a house full
of electronic beep type things we started looking for hwere the beep was
coming from - his watch - my bread making machine, my son's date
reminder thing - 5 minutes into the search and getting frustrated we
couldnt find the source - hubby was now emptying out the garbage ...I
called for the reinforcement team my son came and stood and listened for
the beep and sure enough it went off he then calmly looked at me and
pointed to my stomach and said mom I think it's coming from you!! at
which point we all looked toward my waist --I lifted my sweater and
there it was my beeping source... 
my pump - kinked tubing we all laughed.To the nurse educator I am a
nurse and I applaud your efforts to try to gain some insight into waht a
diabetic is going through..we need more nurses who make that effort -
after all you could have done what many folks do just teach what you
have been taught to say about pumps with out experiencing the joy of the
insertion, the frustration of the taping process of the tubing tangles
when trying to shower and shave your legs and arm pits - or making love
and having your partner get hung up in the tubing You bet I've tried all
of this while shoting blanks so that I can be prepared for tomorrow..My
guess is since I've ironed out a few - most definitely not all of the
logistics my stress factor will be lower tomorrow and my sugars better
especially once my pump is filled with real ammo!