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Re: Re: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

Susan G.
You were wondering why I recommended oral surgeons for wisdom teeth removal?

wisdom teeth can be very difficult to remove, especially the lowers. Usually,
there is not much of a problem with the uppers. I have see cases where a
general dentist attempts to extract wisdom teeth and after fussing around for
a good lenght of time, has to send the patient to an oral surgeon to complete
the job. when this happens, the patient has been thought much trauma and
suffers a grat deal. the longer it takes to get a tooth out, the more
problems afterwards, such as pain abnd swelling.
I just would not take a chance with having a GP do thid. It's much too
riasky...and especially not good for a diabetic to be put though it all.
You were lucky with your experience. Was the tooth that was removed, an
Gp's just don't extract enough teeth for me to have the confidence in having
them remove a wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth are different than the other teeth.
 I have been practicing dental hygiene for 38 yrs., and I've seen some
horrendous thigs happen because of a GP trying to extract these teeth.
Trust me, please.