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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

On Sat, 6 Dec 1997 17:44:21 EST BBradRN <email @ redacted> writes:
>I hope no one assumes I am implying I know what all of you go through 
>I did  a pump simulation.  I did that for my own learning experience 
>to at
>least gain some empathy.  I expect to learn more from this group that 
>will be
>useful to me as a pump trainer and to help facilitate support group in 
>area.  Please refrain from the use of sarcasm. I am here with a 
>concern for my own patients.
Thanks for trying to understand how we feel.  I think we get a little
sensitive because this is a chronic disease that affects EVERY aspect of
our lives.  I appreciate people like you because the more people that
know and understand a little bit about our disease the more support we as
diabetics can get, emotionally, and finacially.  By the way, has everyone
looked at and considered signing the petition to Clinton from the Dec.
Forcast?  I think it is on the net on one of the diabetes pages also.