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Re: [IP] Re: MiniMed vs. Disetronic

Most insurance companies won't cover batteries for the MM
because you can use those batteries in anything.. I guess the
insurance companies don't want to finance your photography hobby as well
The (D) allow it to make it waterproof, they have rubber O -rings to
keep water out.  And I think they last longer too..

Erik Wold wrote:
> Actually there are standard silver oxide batteries in the Disetronic pump,
> but then you need to screw and fix a little. I dont know if this will make
> trouble for the guarantee. I'm working with batteries and chargers so its
> easier for me.
> In Norway we only get one pump. But we get it free and equipment for up to
> 700$ a year. This will be increased next year. But this stupid health
> system would not pay for batteries.
>  But I guess that the health system in Norway is much better  than in US.
> Nearly nobody in this country has insurance. And we hardly have any private
> hospitals.
> Erik
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> > From: TAtigger <email @ redacted>
> > To: email @ redacted
> > Subject: Re: [IP] Re: MiniMed vs. Disetronic
> > Date: 7. desember 1997 15:18
> >
> > Hi Eric - the Minimed has an audio bolus feature.
> >
> > Just my 2 cents worth - I feel that both pumps are great from my
> research.
> > The thing that seems to make the difference for folks is the difference
> in the
> > features.  I prefer a memory (and want a better one) because I often do
> stuff
> > without writing it down : (
> > So once a day I go through the whole set of memory on pump and meter and
> catch
> > up my log.  Even so....I often have to recreate what I have done -
> because I
> > have lost pump memory off the back end.  I also prefer to be able to
> purchase
> > batteries *anywhere*.  And I live in an urban area, and so I don't worry
> about
> > fedexing a replacement pump - I have had several meters emergency shipped
> in
> > the days when I didn't keep a spare around.  Also, the light is great - I
> am
> > slightly anal - I look and listen.  And the square wave is a feature I
> will
> > utilize as I learn more. These are my reasons for choosing minimed.
> >
> > My wish list
> > **a vibration/silent alarm feature
> > **longer, downloadable memory
> >
> > Terri