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Re: [IP] Silent Alarms on pumps?

On  6 Dec 97 at 8:11, Kelly wrote:

> Celia McInnis wrote:
> >  I
> > would, however,  like to have one feature which apparently is not included in
> > this pump - the ability to choose between audible and silent alarms on a
> > pump. 
> Hi Celia,
> I also would like a silent alarm option--heck beepers have it, why not
> the pump?  My biggest fear as I was practicing to go on the pump was
> that it would alarm and embarrass me somewhere!!  Of course it is not
> THAT loud, but certainly loud if you are in a very quiet area.  I have
> been in exercise class when running out of insulin and did not hear the
> alarm until leaving--by that time it was beeping a lot!  A vibrating
> mode would have been easier.
> -- 

The vibration mode in the pagers is caused by a small weight which is 
vibrated by a set of electomagnets.  The addition of the module with 
the weight, the control circuitry and a switch for it would add some 
more to the size and weight of the pump.  In addition the battery 
drain is huge for the vibration mode - my pager (set for vibrate 
only) eats at least one high-capacity alkaline battery per month and 
I don't get that many pages.   The vibration mode also stresses the 
electronics and I bet it would also do wonders for the bubbles in the 
insulin resevoir.  

But all those are just technical challenges to be solved by an 
engineering group somewhere.  If there is an argument to be made for 
it and if it would help as a marketing differentiator then someone 
will build it.

Randall Winchester

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