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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

Please refrain from the use of sarcasm. I am here with a sincere
>concern for my own patients.

    I told you in my post that there was no sarcasm intended. If you took
any that is not my fault. My only point is that educators and health
professionals can not start to understand what a diabetic has to deal with
and cope with by strapping a pump on a couple of weekends. I understand that
you are doing something to try and enlighten yourself on what we deal with
but in my opinion that is just like a new pumper having to go through a time
pumping saline! You don't learn how to shoot, (target practice) with blanks.
I understand your idea that you can see what it is like to connected to a
device for a while but try it with some insulin and experience a 35 BG and
cope with that a few times and see how you do with less brain cells. Do it
while you are at the mall and have no idea how you got there or where you
have been. See what it is like to "come to " someplace with a stranger
milling over you trying to find out who you are and what you have been
drinking and why so early in the morning!
    Yes, that is a good idea. . . . .  put something besides saline so you
can really see what we have to cope with. From what I have read they used to
use insulin for "shock treatment" in the mental hospitals. Yea, try that for
a week-end.
    I still admire you for all your efforts, don't get me wrong. I'm proud
of you. At least you are trying, most DOCTORS and other health care people
have no idea of what a diabetic has to deal with. one more thing, I have no
idea what it feels like to have cancer either but I would not go through
chemo therapy just to see what it is like.
    I mean no offense or sarcasm, this is just my opinion and I have a right
to it.

Buddy '-)