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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

To Renee, Tigger, and Mary:
Thanks for your kind remarks. Guess I will have to "get thicker skin"!  I have
no assumptions regarding what life is like for anyone, so would hope no one
has assumptions about why I am here. I watched my mother deteriorate for 40
years with her diabetes. The last 3 years of her life she lived with me.
Toghether, we dealt with congestive heart failure, deteriorating kidneys, her
left leg amputation, chronic agonizing pain, and the knowledge that her only
functioning coronary artery (the main blood supply to her heart muscle) was
50% blocked and could block off at any time, killing her instantly. I found
her sitting in her wheelchair when I came home from work 2 years ago Dec. 5.
We indured together the effects of hypoglycemia from inappropriate use of
"sliding scale insulin" administration--she with the symptoms, and me with the
anger at the non-thinking actions of medical staff.  I also watched my father
deteriorate over the years as he strove to overcome the wasting of his body to
Muscular Distrophy.  He is one of the reasons many people now have handicap
access parking spots, ramps, and curb cuts.  I can still remember the day he
sat in his chair with a picket sign in front of an Acme market in Delaware!
     It took me several years to get my BSN and graduate degree. I was in
teacher's college before transferring to nursing.  I have been teaching nurses
and patients for many years.  Learning takes place within the individual...no
one makes anyone learn anything.  At children's diabetes camp we all learn
from each other...campers and staff.  Many of our staff have Type 1 diabetes.
We have become a clinical site for nursing, medical, nutrition, and pharmacy
students.  I hope to be an advocate for my patients needs.  I think my parents
taught me well.
   That's enough on the update of my profile. I may just read comments for a
while and not intrude on anyone here.  My first name Barbara.