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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

     I heartily second those sentiments!!! The more involved I get in
"spreading the word" about Insulin Pump Therapy, the more appalled I am by the
apparent lack of credible information in the medical community.  I applaud
your efforts to expand your understanding in the only means available for a
non-diabetic.  Do not be deterred by a few misdirected comments - I'm certain
I was not alone in shouting "good for her!" when I read your intital post!!!

    BTW, the chief of endocrinology at one of our ocal hospitals spoke to my
daughter's pump support group the other night about technological advances in
bg monitoring & when he foolishly stated "I'm sure no one here checks more
then 4 or 5 times per day - he almost got tarred & feathered by the group!!!
He was totally flabbergasted to hear the majority were checking 8-12 times per
day !!!!

     Keep on coming back here - we deperately NEED to re=educate the misguided
medical personnel so that the erroneous myths about pumping can be dispelled.

      Renee (mother of 15 yr old "pumping" Melissa)