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[IP] Re: MiniMed vs. Disetronic

email @ redacted wrote:

> How do you come to the conclusion that you've decided to get the
> Minimed?  The only thing I've seen on here is that just about everyone
> has one and that Minimed is indeed more popular.  I have decided to go
> with the Disetronic.   As far as I know it doesn't have the square
> wave bolus, and the light.. but the D is waterproof, you get two pumps (
> I was suprised at all the people who had to send their MM back)
> it lets you mess with your basal rates easier..
> Well I was just curious how you came to that conclusion and I've been
> reading the posts and I guess I didn't see what you saw, other than that
> everyone seems to have one, and that's partly because doctors choose for
> you.

fgreen (Sorry I don't know your first name):

I'm a bit surprised that you didn't see any information in the postings which would
help you decide which pump to choose. Certainly their were plusses and minuses
listed for both pumps. The following information (which was found in the postings
of this list) caused me to favour the MiniMed 507 over the Disetronic H-Tron V100:

1. The MiniMed 507 auto-off feature answers my fear about overnight lows.
Carolyn told me about this feature on 11/15/97  (Subject: Re: Pump Fears). Two
other pieces of correspondence in this mail list (11/17/97 Subject: Pump Safety
Alarms, ...", and 11/17/97) indicated that this feature allows one to  set  the
pump so that it  rings an alarm a certain number of hours later and if the alarm is
not acknowledged,shuts the pump off.  Having experienced severe over-night lows 10
or so times in my life (so bad that I didn't wake up until 8:00 P.M. or so ), I
really want this feature. Who knows, I may never have this problem once I get off
of the long acting insulin, but at present I am fearful. The auto-off feature
actually makes the MiniMed pump safer than my current regime (which includes a
morning dose of UltraLente).

2.  The Square Wave Feature will be convenient since I eat a fair amount of pasta
(avid cyclist), and it usually keeps the blood sugars up for a considerable amount
of time.

3. The smaller size of the MM507 makes it more appealing to me as does the clip
behind it (Alon Levi's note of 11/30/97 Subject: MiniMed vs. Disetronic...").

4. I will find the night light and the memory features useful (Jay Watson's note on

Randall Winchester stated several facts which made the MiniMed 507 more appealing
to me than the Disetronic:

5. The MiniMed  temporary basal rate (Randall actually said "temporary bolus rate"
( typo)) can be set as desired whereas with the Disetronic it can only be set lower
(Randall actually said "temporary bolus rate", which must have been a typo).

6. The MiniMed pump uses standard batteries.

7. The customer support for MiniMed seems to be very good/quick (I've also checked
here in Ottawa and got equally positive feelings).

Many other facts were given in the postings which were not of interest to me, but
may be valuable to you. Anyway, the MiniMed 507 seems to be the best choice for me
at present. Now if the Disetronic has a silent alarm feature, that would definitely
be a big plus (I just enumerated the number of classical concerts (shhh... the
music should not be obliterated!) which I attended last year via subscription and
the number is 77...).

P.S.: My internist did not indicate any preference of one pump over the other. I
have always found her to be open minded and willing to let me make all final
decisions. Thank goodness!!!

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