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Re: [IP] Silent Alarms on pumps?

Kelly and Celia,

For years I had always been extremely careful that I was normal or hyper
before going into Quaker Meeting on Sundays. The Meeting is about 95 ab-
solute silence, and I was *terrified* I'd disturb someone if I was low and
had to put the pump (I have a MiniMed 506) into suspend mode with those
half-hourly beeps! :-{)

Well, it finally happened that I *had* to put the pump into suspend. I
stuck the pump in my pants pocket, and guess what? The pump was barely
audible! I could hear it, but only because I was primed to listen for it.

This doesn't answer Celia's query about ways to alarm other than by sound,
but I thought that those of you who fear the loud alarm noise might rest
easier. A single layer of clothing seems to blunt the sound quite effec-

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