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Re: [IP] termination....

I'll throw my 2 cents in.......Anybody on AOL should get off and anybody
thinking of AOL should think twice.  I have heard nothing but complaints
from most people signed with them.  There are alot of other avenues to go
thru besides AOL.  Hopefully we will hear from you soon.


At 12:57 PM 12/6/97 EST, you wrote:
>Dear Friends.... I'm am sorry to say that I'll be terminating my account with
>AOL due to a billing despute. With this come the loss of my access to the
>Pumpers List I so dearly love. I hope to have another account soon but
>when...I don't know. I've been on the AOL billing plan since mid July that is
>$19.95 for unlimited use. Today I found out that on October 6th my billing
>changed to the $4.95 fot 3 hours and $2.50 for every hour after the first 3
>were used up. To date they claim I owe over $400. They claim that I made the
>change "on line" I checked and one would have to make at least 7 different
>moves to do this and also enter a password. It is hardly possible one
could do
>this by mistake. In any case I would like to hear from anybody who has heard
>of a similar situation. I can be reached at :  Ted McQuaid   1821 West 53rd
>Street    Erie, Pennsylvania   zip code  16509-1707 I only have this one shot
>to unsubscribe to this mailing list and hope somebody takes the initiative to
>notify the gatekeeper of my attemp if it should fail.
>   I wish all a very festive Holiday Season and a safe one and most of all
>                 I shall return....:-)          Ted McQuaid
>PS: I would be glad to hear from anybody and will reply to all.
>  unsubscribe  email @ redacted