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[IP] termination....

Dear Friends.... I'm am sorry to say that I'll be terminating my account with
AOL due to a billing despute. With this come the loss of my access to the
Pumpers List I so dearly love. I hope to have another account soon but
when...I don't know. I've been on the AOL billing plan since mid July that is
$19.95 for unlimited use. Today I found out that on October 6th my billing was
changed to the $4.95 fot 3 hours and $2.50 for every hour after the first 3
were used up. To date they claim I owe over $400. They claim that I made the
change "on line" I checked and one would have to make at least 7 different
moves to do this and also enter a password. It is hardly possible one could do
this by mistake. In any case I would like to hear from anybody who has heard
of a similar situation. I can be reached at :  Ted McQuaid   1821 West 53rd
Street    Erie, Pennsylvania   zip code  16509-1707 I only have this one shot
to unsubscribe to this mailing list and hope somebody takes the initiative to
notify the gatekeeper of my attemp if it should fail.
   I wish all a very festive Holiday Season and a safe one and most of all
                 I shall return....:-)          Ted McQuaid
PS: I would be glad to hear from anybody and will reply to all.

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