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[IP] Surgery

Well, thought it was time to chime in here with my two cents worth.  I have
been diabetic for 36 years, pumping for 14.  I have had numerous surgeries
over the past 14 years.  I have always asked doctors to write orders that I am
responsible for my diabetes care.  I take my supplies with me and do my own
testing, etc.  With the exception of my bypass surgery, I keep my pump on
during surgery and make sure they do not give my any glucose by IV.  I, of
course, make sure my BS is at a decent level before surgery (>100), then test
frequently after surgery.  I have never had any problem with that.  When I had
my gallbladder surgery, I put the infusion site in my leg, so it would not be
in the surgeon's way.  We decided for my bypass surgery that I would be out of
it for several days and unable to maintain my own control.  They put me on an
insulin drip (IV0 and I don't remember any problems.  I think two days after
surgery, I finally felt like I wanted to put my pump back on and get back to
me controlling things.  Work iwth your doctors.  They want you to feel good
about things.  But, make sure your basal rates are set right.  Test them
before surgery several times.
Good luck to those anticipating surgery.