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[IP] Silent Alarms on pumps?

Well I've decided to get a pump, and my investigations along with the
comments I have read in this list have led me to choose the MiniMed 507. I
would, however,  like to have one feature which apparently is not included in
this pump - the ability to choose between audible and silent alarms on a
pump. I desire this for the following reasons:

1. It is not appropriate/courteous to have alarms go off in some of my
circles -  I go to a lot of classical music concerts (and even play in some
myself) and it would be disruptive to others if an alarm went off during a
concert. Yes I could bury the pump inside a sound insulated bag, but I really
would like to know if my equipment was failing.

2. Also, for safety reasons:  I likely wouldn't hear an audible alarm which
went off during a bicycle ride - I always set my beeper in silent alarm mode
when cycling since it is impossible to hear an alarm over the sounds of
traffic and the wind generated around my ears by my bicycle helmet. Certainly
I remember once forgetting to turn it from audio to silent mode and having a
friend who was riding behind me tell me that I was being paged.

Has any one sounded out MiniMed on this issue? Certainly any pumper who had a
hearing problem would also benefit from such an option.

Thanks for your input. I will be talking to a MiniMed representation on

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