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Re: [IP] Re: laser surgery

I can't remember who it is that is going for laser soon, but I suggest, if
they haven't already, that you have someone with you to drive you home
afterwards. Good luck to you!
In a previous job of mine in an out-pt clinic there were several opthal who
came in on occasion to do laser txms on their pts. Many were diabetics,
some were post cataract surgery. I was present through many laser txms of
others. There were very few who had injections pre-txm. There were also
very few who even complained of any discomfort either before or
after.......well, imagine my surprise when I started needing them and I had
a great deal of pain. My eye would just throb!....I really thought that I
must really have a sensitive eye since I had seen so many people get them
and not complain. So, this is a relief to me to find out that there are
others who experienced pain as well.
I was and am seeing a retina specialist, but other than a cursory offer of
an injection it seemed to me that I was just supposed to *grin and bear
it*. Some of this probably came about due to my perceptions from my
previous experiences.......I thought, "everyone else dealt with it without
complaint, so I had better do the same." It seemed to me that the opthal
that I knew were reluctant to administer the xylocaine (I think that is
what they used), yet now I wonder why? If there are no major side effects,
I would certainly recommend getting the shot.
I have known some people who have only needed a few txms, I had them at
least once a month for two yrs. With my most recent bleed I was told that
he could not do any more laser txms to my eyes due to too much scar tissue.
8-) and 8-(  The scar tissue has pulled on my retina, which causes the
bleeding. Now just hoping to avoid a retinal detachment or vitrectomy.
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