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Re: RE: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

About the extraction. No matter what you decide to do about the
anesthesia......make sure you go to an oral surgeon. General dentists have
not extracted nearly enough third molars (wisdom teeth) to be able to do this
with as much experience as an oral surgeon.. The upper teeth are the least
difficult to extract. ..there can be problems with the lowers sometimes.

The reason you probably don't have the lower molars is because the third
molars (wisdom teeth) are the only teeth that don't form from their own tooth
bud. They form from the second molar bud splitting. As with you, sometimes
the tooth bud does not split, therefore, no wisdom teeth. 

In my daughter-in-laws case, her one tooth bud split 3 times...therefore she
had one regular wisdom tooth and 2 very tiny ones.

Hope this helps you.
Please remember...ORAL SURGEON. Lol