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Re: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

I just had my wisdom teeth removed within the last 2 months.  The doctor
me to make sure to eat before I came in.. The old school told you not to
probably because the old type of anesthetic would cause naseua.  I
figured it was good advice to get something to eat before he yanked them
because I didn't
feel like consuming anything the rest of the day.  I would recommend an
Surgeon if your teeth are very impacted (like mine). My dentist said he
could do
it but it would be really hard and a horrible experience.  He'd probably
to leverage his foot on my face while he pulled or something.  
It was painful for me and had to rely on Vicodin for relief... and then
make things worse I had exposed cavities where the wisdom teeth were
butting up
against the 2nd molar.  Not fun... was an inch away from a root canal..
If your wisdom teeth are even slightly impacted consider getting them
because they can cause decay in the teeth they are impacting...


> In a message dated 97-12-05 04:17:55 EST, you write:
> << I had general anesthesia for the extraction...and I would highly
>  recommend that to you also. (you don't want local anesthesia for this...and
>  definately go to an oral surgeon.) Don't EVER let a general dentist extract
>  wisdom teeth. Absolutely never allow this. Never!!!!!!!!
>   >>
> Why?  Last May I went to the dentist (who I've seen several times and am happy
> with) for a check up and cleaning.  Everything looked good except I had a
> cavity in one of my wisdom teeth.  He gave me the option of filling it or
> pulling the one tooth.  Well I remembered my former dentist, who took care of
> me since childhood until I got married and moved away, saying that when the
> time came for fillings then he highly recommended having it/them removed.  So
> I decided to have it pulled and be done with it.  It only took another 15-20
> min. and it saved having to find time to make another appt. and doing it
> later.  A couple shots of novocaine, a few tugs and it was out.  I had some
> discomfort, but nothing like I thought it would be.  Was glad that it hadn't
> been all four, but overall not a bad experience.  Recently I had another check
> up and cleaning and all was fine.  The next time I need something done with
> one of the wisdom teeth should I be more cautious and get a second opinion?
> Just wondering.....
> Susan G.