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Re: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

In a message dated 97-12-05 04:17:55 EST, you write:

<< I had general anesthesia for the extraction...and I would highly
 recommend that to you also. (you don't want local anesthesia for this...and
 definately go to an oral surgeon.) Don't EVER let a general dentist extract
 wisdom teeth. Absolutely never allow this. Never!!!!!!!! 

Why?  Last May I went to the dentist (who I've seen several times and am happy
with) for a check up and cleaning.  Everything looked good except I had a
cavity in one of my wisdom teeth.  He gave me the option of filling it or
pulling the one tooth.  Well I remembered my former dentist, who took care of
me since childhood until I got married and moved away, saying that when the
time came for fillings then he highly recommended having it/them removed.  So
I decided to have it pulled and be done with it.  It only took another 15-20
min. and it saved having to find time to make another appt. and doing it
later.  A couple shots of novocaine, a few tugs and it was out.  I had some
discomfort, but nothing like I thought it would be.  Was glad that it hadn't
been all four, but overall not a bad experience.  Recently I had another check
up and cleaning and all was fine.  The next time I need something done with
one of the wisdom teeth should I be more cautious and get a second opinion?
Just wondering.....

Susan G.