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Re: [IP] Alarm during dinner

A funny thing that happened to me...Had gotten home from picking up my son at
preschool and we had just eaten lunch.  Gave myself a bolus and half way
through I got an alarm--no delivery.  Figured it was kinked so I adjust the
tubing some and set it for the difference of the bolus.  Two clicks and
another alarm.  This time I took the pump off my pants, straigtened out the
tubing and reset it again.  Another couple of clicks and another alarm.  By
now I was getting frustrated with it and also concerned that something was
wrong with the pump.  Finally I opened it up and you guessed it--I was out of
insulin.  Duh.....  Guess I need to make a note in my blood sugar log of when
I will need to change it as the three days just fly by and I lose track.  I do
wish that there was some type of alarm or something that would indicate when
down to 10 units or so.  Was just glad that I was at home and was able to get
a new set going right away.  I use the MM 507.

Susan G.