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Re: [IP] Profile update for Barbra Bradley <email @ redacted>

On  5 Dec 97 at 9:56, Michael wrote:

> I am a certified pump trainer and CDE, RN.  Going off Diabetes Camp 
> of West Virginia,Inc. tenure as board President.  We have many 
> campers on pump. Mainly interested in user problems and how they are 
> resolved to help our Diabetes Center patients.  We have had excellent 
> results so far.  Support group activity is very low in attendance, 
> mainly because people are to busy for the time frame I can facilitate 
> it. I also teach other RNs and medical professionals about intensive 
> management.  I do not have diabetes, although it is in my family, but 
> mostly Type2.  I have worn both pump models for at least a weekend 
> each, however pumping saline, CHO counting and simulating as much as 
> I could.
> email @ redacted

Now to really get a good simulation, have someone (or several people) 
come up to you from behind randomly during the day or night, set off 
a siren and start screaming LOW LOW LOW LOW maybe even with a 
portable sound system.  Then while your are jumping in fright, have 
them start firing firecrackers.  The idea is to get your adreneline 
pumping like it does when you have a bg crash....  and continue your 
simulation for at least 30 days too.    

At least you are trying.  I would also suggest that you simulate MDI 
too, with the schedules and all.  You might have to get an alarm 
clock so it would go off when your insulin peaked, and use the random 
siren to simulate the long term insulin peaks.

Thanks for trying to understand though..

Randall Winchester

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