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Re: [IP] Re: Complications

Marti wrote:

> What in the world was your doctor thinking when trying to give you a laser
> treatment without anesthetic????  Yes, the shot is an unpleasant experience,
> but it only lasts for a moment.  I've had 7 laser treatments (and that was
> years ago).  One time the anesthetic didn't want to take and he had to re
> inject a second and third time.  Each time he would try to do the laser, but
> the pain was incredible.  NO ONE COULD HOLD STILL DURING THAT!!!  I say, find
> another doctor quick!!!  The only "complication" of a local anesthetic is if
> you are allergic to it.  You suffer enough when the anesthetic wears off.  Is
> this guy a bonafide Retinologist???

Hi, Marti.

I've been on Net diabetes lists and newsgroups for over five years,
and I've read many accounts of laser surgery. While it's difficult
for me to understand how anyone could have a pain-free experience
with laser surgery and no anesthesia, many people apparently do.
The amount of pain and discomfort seems to vary widely, from person
to person. I've even read accounts that said it didn't hurt at all!
So, apparently some people *can* hold still during that, but I am
*not* one of them! I do not recall any suffering once the anesthetic
wore off, however - just a tired eye with a slight scratchy feeling.

Remember - you're mileage may vary! :-)

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