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Re: [IP] MiniMed vs. Disetronic

Hello all. This is probably an old subject but i do not get to use the
computer very often so it took me some time to reply.
I am also using the D   V 100 and have two pumps. But On my a pump i left 2
weeks on it so if my b ever breaks down i have a back up until they send me
I have a question.  How can the insurance only cover 1 pump? I thought the D
has 1 price for both their pumps. Do they sell only 1???
3 years ago when i got my pumps i automatictly got 2 pumps. But what they do
is only send you 1 until the insurance has paid and then they send out the
second pump.George.. You should know how that works..
And i will try to get a new set. And not have my old one upgrated. Because
they have made some changes and i would like the new one. 
For me it was a clear choise. Because the BS rates and the 3minutes in which
the pump gives the insulin., And i like that the D is waterproof and not
Good pumping you all.