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Re: [IP] Michelle

Hi Michelle:

I am 34 and have been on the pump for almost 5 years, diabetic for 24 years.
I had some retinopathy BEFORE I went on the pump and had had a few lasers.
AFTER I went on the pump, my leye bled alot, and my doctors toild me to stay
in the 100-150 range rather than 80-120, since really tight control does lead
to more bleeds, or some scientific thing like that.  Docs said it would
eventtually start to improve.  My A1cs improved vastly and quickly, but the
bleeding hasn't stopped.  Not to scare you cuz everyone is different (thank
god), but my left eye kept bleeding and finally my doctor recommended a
vitrectomy in 6/94.  That eye hasn't bled since (knock wood), but my other eye
started bleeding 7/95...and still is...grrrrr.  

I have had more laser than anyone I have ever met.  I have never had a laser
that hurt less than another, but would be interested in finding it.  It is not
really a sharp stabbing pain, or even an electric jolt feeling, more of a dull
hammer hitting the back of your head kind of pain.  I had a shot of something
one time prior to the laser, but the needle in my eye and the subsequent
aggravation caused by that was more than the headache caused by the laser.  I
usually pass out as soon as I get home and get up a few hours later and feel
pretty normal...as normal as you can feel after being shot in the eyeball with
thousands of volts of whatever is in the laser.

If you want any more details, graphic, gory or supportive, let me know.

Sara Falconer
email @ redacted