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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections

I'm just starting out so I could use some info on how you deal with the
protein and fats.  Every once and a while I still dabble in snickers but
I'm not having greeat  results...probably the pro. and fats in the nuts?!
 I am not sure I really want to learn how to deal with sugar.  I think it
messes with my mooooods, but there are certain times of the month you
neeeed a chocolate fix.   I have been set up for laser surgery so right
now I am pretty "scared straight" to follow my diet, although it seems
the harder I try the louder the food calls to me.  I have heard that
diabetes sets women up for eating disorders.   Love your imput.  Your
messages make me laugh.  Thanks, Michelle.  PS. I know I have a deviant
email address, I am using my fiance's address, until he gets fed up with
me getting more mail than him and setting me up with my own address,
which will be soon ;) I am new to this computer thing so if I am making
any great errors in what I say or do, gently enlighten me to the error of
my ways. Thanks.