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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections

     Bravo! - extremely well-said. And keeping in mind that all of the
aforementioned issues apply to ALL diabetics, that alone should account for a
major advantage in choosing pumps over MI therapy!!...By checking as
frequently as many pumpers seem to be doing, it IS possible to make immediate
corrections instead of being oblivious (why bother checking??) if there's
nothing to be done until the next scheduled shot????

     Cute anecdote to share: My (almost) 15 yr old pumping daughter always
buys clothes with pockets to conceal her pump, but she found a pair of lycra-
ish skinny black slacks (no pockets) & was determined to find a way to wear
them....As we were discussing this, my husband came home from tennis & tossed
his terry cloth wrist guards on the counter..hmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Melissa slipped the wrist guard on her lower calf/ankle this morning,
dropped the tubing down her pants leg & inserted the pump into the "calf
thing" (are you reading this sales people at Unique Pump Accessories???
LOL)... Even her 16 yr old sister couldn't figure out where her pump was
       Yet another illustration of "where there's a will, there's a

        Renee (Melissa's mom/pump coach-cheerleader)