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Re: [IP] Re: laser surgery

Hi, ummmm, oh - there's no name!

> Maybe I'm chicken but I am scared to death of laser surgury.  My Dr.
> started the proceedure and I kept blinking and he said he would be
> unable to do the laser because I was moving my eyes.  The bright light
> makes my reflexes go off and it is like I am going into an epileptic
> seizure, my eyes automaticly close and it takes a second to regain my
> composure.  This even happens when I am just getting the photos done.
> Any suggestions.  The Dr. says I will have to get a shot behind the
> eye which increases complications and doesn't sound that comfortable
> either.

My experience was similar to yours. The doctor who started my laser
surgery had never had a patient who had this problem, and he said I
was his first patient who complained of pain. The procedure was so
uncomfortable and so painful that I could not take more than about
200 laser burns at one sitting. He used a monocular type of lense
that helped keep my eye still, but he would not use anesthesia.

After a year, I realized that my eyes weren't any better, and I went
to the Duke Eye Center. The doctor I saw there was a retina specialist,
and he treated my retinopathy very aggressively. When I mentioned the
pain and my reflexive action to the lights, he said, "Well, of course
you can feel it!" He also prefers to give anesthesia because he likes
the eye to remain still.

So I had the shots and was very grateful for them. With the shot, I
found laser surgery to be very comfortable and free of pain. For me,
the idea of the shot was a lot worse than the experience. The needle
goes into the pouch of loose skin beneath the eye. My doctor was very
good with this injection, and I hardly felt it. I took a deep breath
first and let it our very slowly as he was giving the injection. The
drug can make you queasy, so he told me to sit very still for about
10 minutes. Then I was able to walk to the surgery area with difficulty.
(He gave the injection while I was sitting in his office chair.) I don't
know what the possible complications are, but I didn't have any.

For me, the injection made laser surgery a bearable experience. It
still wasn't fun, but I no longer dreaded it.

Good luck to you!

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