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[IP] Re: Complications

I have been on the pump for a month and a half.  My sugars are improving
but I have developed retinopathy and will need laser.  I was under the
impression that most peoples retinopathy does not get worse with
increased control.  Maybe I'm chicken but I am scared to death of laser
surgury.  My Dr. started the proceedure and I kept blinking and he said
he would be unable to do the laser because I was moving my eyes.  The
bright light makes my reflexes go off and it is like I am going into an
epileptic seizure, my eyes automaticly close and it takes a second to
regain my composure.  This even happens when I am just getting the photos
done.   Any suggestions.  The Dr. says I will have to get a shot behind
the eye which increases complications and doesn't sound that comfortable