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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections


First of all, I wholeheartedly agree with you when you say why would anyone
want to be scheduled by this disease, cuz god knows there have been days when
I ate lunch at 4:00 in the afternoon and then nothing the rest of the day
except a snickers bar and a diet coke (all 4 food groups - sugar, fat,
caffeine and chocolate) to get me through rehearsal BUT (there is always a
but), I have to disagree when you say ". As long as you know how to carb count
correctly, you will always come out with good blood sugars that you can count

I use that sliding scale and know how much insulin I need for 15g of CHO at
8am, if I am up that early, and how much the same amount of CHO needs at noon,
5pm and midnight.  I have fasted weekends working on my basals - held steady
between 95 and 135 for 2 straight days without a bolus.  I can tell you the
CHO value of everything I eat...even the snickers bar if anyone wants to know,
and how much I need to bolus 3 hours later to cover the rise caused by the
protein and fat. 

The things that go IN my body I can control (and wish I controlled better).
But, the outside things are beyond my control, and those are the things that
can screw you up for apparently no reason - no kinks in tube, no
airbubble....not off diet...hmm maybe it's the stress of working in theatre.
Maybe it's the stupid people who push you down the stairs at the subway, the
rude salesclerks in Macys, the hitler police who won't let you thru - even
though you LIVE on that damn street...Day to day stresses that don't make you
go postal (or do they), but have an affect on your sugar, mine at least.  Not
to mention things like viruses (sp?), "that" time of the month, interaction
with new medication, maybe a new reaction to chinese food, maybe something
different in your vitamin mix.  Hell a bazillion things. 

I just wanted to point out that there is more to control than diet and
exercise and taking the right amount of insulin...We have alot more to deal
with and EVERYONE's body is different.  SOme people don't react to the
aforementioned things at all...and depending on my MOOOOOOD, I am not affected
either, but sometimes I am...and the supposedely right amount of insulin don't
do jack to my bs - and that is blood sugar, not B***S**T.

Just my $4.35 worth