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Re: [IP] What happened here....any ideas?

Bob wrote:
> I've also wondered whether insulin resistance is causing this. I go
> much the same thing as you, Crystal and Jodi have referenced. (I am also
> pumping Humalog, in case anyone is keeping score ;-)). To test the
> resistance" theory, I injected the adjusting bolus in another unused area
> to bring down a high BG. I found that my BG dropped back to normal range
> much more quickly than it had when I simply bolused with the pump.

That is what I tried to do, took 2 units by injection and changed my set,
two hrs later 233. Then decided to take 2 units via pump, two hrs later
183....waited it out then and at 7:30 went to 60.....weird body here!! LOL!
> I'm still wondering ;-)
Me too!!
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