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RE: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump

Sissy and others,

Thanks for the advice.  I am only having 1 tooth out.  The 2 bottom ones
aren't there for some reason.  The other top one has not broken through,
so the dentist didn't say that it should come out.  If we are only
talking 1 tooth, would you still recommend the general anesthesia?  It
sounds like most people are recommending going to the oral surgeon, so I
will pursue that.  I don't feel confident that my basal rates are
accurate enough to trust that my sugars won't drop if I don't eat, so I
think I will take the suggestion to let my sugars stay around 200 for
the day.  And of course I will test frequently.  It won't be done in a
hospital, so I don't have to worry alot about nurses who want to take
over my controlling my insulin.  I am sure that I can handle it myself.
My husband will be there as well and he knows how to test my blood
sugar.  We went through that when I was in labor with my twins.  I am
planning on not doing the extraction until January, so I will let you
know how it goes then.  Hopefully the tooth can make it until then.

- - Jodi

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> Hi Jodi,
> In response to your question about have your wisdom teeth removed:
> I'm a dental hygienist with a son who is an oral surgeon. I have also
> had
> diabetes for over 43 yrs.
> I have also had my wisdom teeth removed, and had absolutely no problem
> with
> my diabetes. Now this was done about 35 yrs ago, and I had no pump, of
> course. I had general anesthesia for the extraction...and I would
> highly
> recommend that to you also. (you don't want local anesthesia for
> this...and
> definately go to an oral surgeon.) Don't EVER let a general dentist
> extract
> wisdom teeth. Absolutely never allow this. Never!!!!!!!! 
> If yu are on the pump, it should be quite easy for you in regards to
> the
> eating situation. You bolus when you eat, otherwise you are just on
> the basal
> rate. You will be able to get some carbs with a liquid diet if
> necessary.
> I assume that you will be having all 4 teeth removed at one time (this
> is the
> only way to do it, as far as I'm concerned,,,this is also recomended
> by our
> office.)
> Good luck, you should  have no problems with your diabetes.
> Sissy