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RE: [IP] Alarm during dinner

Sally -

Sometimes the alarm is due to the tubing getting kinked.  I find this
happens occasionally when I wear tight pants.  I stop the alarm and
straighten out the tubing and all seems to continue without incident.
Next time it happens, just try that before changing everything.  Don't
worry, it isn't just you.

- - Jodi

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> Subject:	Re: [IP] Dental surgery on the pump
> Yesterday the pump alarm went off during dinner.  It scared the living
> daylights out of me!  I JUMPED!  Then hurried to look on the alarm
> sheet
> I was given and found the sheet to be inadequate and decided to call
> the
> 800 number.  I still don't know why it happened, but I changed the
> infusion set and proceeded to eat my dinner.  Needless to say, my
> blood
> sugars weren't good for several hours.  The cause may have been due to
> the tight belt I was wearing which may have pinched the tubing.
> Anyone
> else have this problem or is this one of those things that could only
> happen to me?