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[IP] Re: Meters again/sliding scale

With the One Touch one can put into the memory how much insulin they take
and how many carbs they eat. It can be downloaded to my CDE or doctor's
I also like the Glucometer Elite because it is small enough to fit in my
pocket and only takes 30 seconds to give a result which is nice when one
is going out to eat.
I got both meters free.  In the back pages of "Forecast Magazine" it
tells you how.
On Wed, 3 Dec 1997 19:30:07 -0500 "John G. Ragle" <email @ redacted>
>	I have used J&J meters since I was first diagnosed and can
>enthusiastically recommend them.  They are dependable, simple and 
>substantial support from J&J when you have any problem.  I have owned 
>One Touch meters and purchased a Profile when they first came out.  
>produce a companion software program called "In Touch" which enables 
>you to
>download more than just BG readings into a database that records and 
>useful information (not, unfortunately geared to pump users).  J&J has
>provided free support, serial cables, testing componants and advice
>throughout my experience.  A piece of advice:  Like most BG meter 
>they want to "hook" you into buying their (expensive) test strips.  I 
>know about purchasing in New Zealand, but with the right coupon, you 
>damn near get a new Profile for little or no cost in the US.  Check 
>your hospital, health-care provider or connect with J&J to check out 
>latest offers.  GOOD LUCK
>> From: Lynette Parker <email @ redacted>
>> To: Pumpers <email @ redacted>
>> Subject: [IP] RE: Meters again/sliding scale
>> Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 3:42 AM
>> Hi everyone
>> Have been lurking in the background over the past couple of weeks.  
>I am
>> just enquiring into a glucose meter, which you may have already 
>> comments on.  I sent an email to Johnsons and Johnsons in the States 
>> am in New Zealand) and I received back today a pamphlet on the One 
>> Profile testing meters.  They looked really impressive, does anybody 
>> this one?  My husband who is IDD has been using the Advantage which 
>> a memory and seems to be working fine, but I was interested to know
>> would we be able to get this meter through J & J  and how would we
>> purchase the testing strips.  Any ideas?  The pamphle did not 
>> the cost, could someone fill me in on this?
>> One other question please, if you don't count carbs. I have heard 
>> mention the sliding scale, what is this please?
>> Thanks for your help
>> Lynette Parker
>> (Wife of a IDD 20years, been on the trial pump on M/Med for 5 weeks