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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections

    We don't need proof pumps are better than multiple injections, we are
all diabetics here, most of us on pumps! That is why is is called Pumper's
Inc.. We don't need proof.
   I was starting to form a real good opinion of you and then you scratch
out some stuff like this. Let me tell you something about having diabetes. I
had a job working in a papermill where I would leave my house at 5:15 AM
every workday morning. Most of the time that was just 5 days a week but
about every two or three months we would have a shutdown and work a couple
of weeks of 7-12's. That is seven days a week 12 hour days. This job was 50
miles from my house so there was almost two hours "road time" every day.
When I was doing this I had two, non-diabetics, that worked with me and we
swapped out rides. I would drive one week and one of them would drive the
next and like that. You could set your watch by our comings and goings. You
follow me so far. I was on injection at this time. At least two a day, NPH
with regular on a sliding scale. I would have to take injection on the job
at times (during shutdowns) because those 12 hour days would be 18 and even
some 24 hour long at times! I was at that time a grade A hand. I had a
reputation of being dependable, etc...... Point being. . . . .  I made a
good living for my family. I HAD A GOOD LIFE. I raised two fine boys. I ate
well. I was active and hunted deer, rabbits, water skied, did a LOT of
things humans do. I don't have massive amounts of scar tissue from all these
injections. If you had to treat your insulin with food it was because you
were taking too much insulin and not testing enough. I'm no Einstein but I
have been there too. You have to appreciate life. Be happy that you have
diabetes and not cancer or AIDS. Who promised you a good life? We all have
to work for a living. If you hate the job of being a diabetic then drag-up.
It is not as bad as you are trying to make it. Diabetes never stopped me
from doing anything I wanted except joining the service and I "Praise God"
now that I had diabetes then because that was right in the middle of the
Viet Nam War and we all know where old Buddy would be now. People who
couldn't keep their mouth shut didn't last long there! Try counting your
blessings every now and then instead of your gripes. I'll bet you have more
blessings. This was not meant to offend you just maybe make you think a
minute. There is nothing wrong with a routine. As a matter of fact I
flourished and was very happy. As a matter of fact I still am and I still do
what ever it takes to control my diabetes.
    If you think about it this is what our parents tried to teach us when we
were growing up. Good living habits. Get up on time, eat a good meal, at
mealtime, go to bed at a decent time. Look, at least half the people on this
list are still up at midnight most nights. They were not home the day their
mother was giving that lesson. <big grin> This is another good thing about
the pump and today's society.  It does let you be more flexible.
    As for the people that you were talking about . . . . .  They probably
wouldn't have much of a life if they weren't diabetic. Who knows.
    Just had to shoot off my mouth one more time. Count your blessings
tonight before you go to sleep. Let me know how it came out in the morning.

Buddy '-I