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RE: [IP] What happened here....any ideas?


I think what is happening with you is insulin resistance. It's well known
that the higher the BG the more insulin resistance there is. For me, if my
BG is >200 mg/dL, it will take roughly twice (and often more) as much
insulin to bring my BG to a given point than it will if my BG is normal
(i. e. 80-120). I've been caught in the same problem as you; BG is
elevated, so I bolus and nothing (apparently) happens, so I bolus some
more and then go hypo. Once the BG starts to come down, the insulin
resistance goes, and insulin becomes more potent. Like you, I have to
remind myself that once the BG starts to come down, it will come down
rapidly unless I quell the urge to bolus some more. It's hard to refrain
when I'm feeling so lousy from a high BG!

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