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Re: [IP] [Fwd: This is scary]

What a wonderful story -- for collectors of urban legends like me! 

But before anyone posts something like this, you really need to check the
series of books by Jan Harold Brunvand. His book, "The Baby Train & Other
Lusty Urban Legends," includes an earlier version of the story on pages
149-154. "The Kidney Heist" legend first came to his attention in 1991 and
"has remained a hot story thereafter, both on the grapevine and in the
media." Unfortunately, the Internet speeds up dissemination and variations
of urban legends.

He writes that,

"A typical version of the story tells of a group of young men who went to
New York City for a weekend of fun. One of them was attracted to a woman he
met in a bar, and told his buddies he was going to spend the night at her
place and would get in touch with them later.

"They didn't hear from him until late the next day when he phone to say, 'I
think I'm in such-and-such a hotel in room number so-and-so, but something's
wrong with me and you'd better come and get me.'

"When the friends arrived at the hotel room they found their friend in bed
and the sheets splattered with blood. He was very weak. When thy tried to
help him out of bed, they discovered a fresh surgical closure on his back
and still more blood, so they rushed him to a hospital.

"There it was discovered that the man had had one of his kidneys removed,
and they concluded that he had been drugged so his kidney could be taken for
sale on the black market for human organs...."

>Considering how valuable kidneys are to diabetics, I thought I
>would post this.. This is apparently becoming a worse and worse

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