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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections

> > I don't think Pumping will give ones better HA1c results then MI.
> > Even for some, it might make HA1c worse.

> Pumping certainly made a difference in *my* A1c! My all-time high is
> over 21. The lowest A1c I had before going to the pump was over 9, 
> and it was over 13 when I started on the pump. Within six months,
> it was under 7.0, and I have stayed under 7.0 in 5.5 years of
> pumping. I could never achieve that on any of the MI regimens 
> that my endocrinologist and I tried.

I was on MI for 2 years, and I'm pumping for the last 3 months now 
(wow, times passes). My MI A1c was 6.4, and Pump is 7.4; I guess it 
will improve. Now with the pump, I test more often, so I don't really 
know if I used to have as many highs then as I do now (espacilly two 
hours after eating, I used to check 4 times a day, and now it's 
between 6-10).

> > I'll explain myself - While using MI, people tend to eat regulary at
> > normal hours (they have to, actully). While being on a pump, eating
> > regulary is not always the case. Since starting to pump, I've found
> > myself eating in times is was "not supposed to" with MI, and not
> > eating at all, when not wanting to.
> >
> > This makes mylife a whole lot better. But it does makes tight control
> > harder. While being on MI, I eat at the same time, and usaully the
> > same food (although I didn't had to, but I just did). This made
> > result much easier to predict.
> I never knew when I was hungry. I just ate when I was supposed to/
> had to. I lost my sense of hunger. It came back after a short period
> on the pump, and I have actually lost weight because now I eat when
> I'm hungry and not when that unpredictable NPH kicks in. 

A VERY short period. :-)
It took me some time to get use to being MI diabetes (at first), with 
eating at certain times, waking up every morning at 07:00 am to eat, 
and so on. (Less then expected - BTW); When starting to pump, I got 
used to the OLD good thing REALLY FAST.

> I understand your point, Alon. If you eat more when it's "okay" to 
> eat more, the pump is probably going to "give you permission" to
> eat a lot more. However, even in this situation, I think it's possible
> to get a good A1c if your basals and boluses are the right amount.
> I also agree with you that it's easier to figure out highs and lows
> when you have fewer variables to consider. If you are eating the same
> thing (nutritionally) at the same time every day, it's much easier to
> diagnose problems with your regimen.

I also beleive that although not needed, when MI, you eat not only at 
strict times, but also tend to eat strict food. The whole thing is so 
organized, so I could tell you (back then) what I ate for the past 
week, A thing I can't do now (Well, that's not the only thing I tend 
to forget, but it's easy to forget closing the door, isn't it ? ;-)

> I think I'm rambling now. :-)
Take care, know what ? take two.
Happy by default, Alon Levi.