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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections

In a message dated 97-12-04 18:07:45 EST, you write:

<< > I'll take your word for it about the DCCT stating that it was easier to
 > maintain tight control with a pump than with injections; I didn't know
 > there was any statement in the DCCT about pumps being better than multiple
 > injection therapy.
 Actually I read it in one of the 'exerpts' or analysis that are 
 floating around in the various medical blurbs so maybe I'm off base.
 But.... it sure makes sense.
 Nonetheless there are 
 no *statistics* in any peer-rev-
 > iewed journal showing pumps to be any better than multiple injections to
 > improve A1Cs or decrease hypo incidents. That's what some HMOs are demand-
 > ing if they are going to cover pumps and the paraphernalia associated with
 > them. They are a great deal more expensive than multiple injection
 > therapy. If I were a bean counter in some HMO office, I would expect such
 > numbers before I would approve paying the considerable expenses that go
 > along with pumps and the stuff that pumps require.  >>