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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections

> I don't think Pumping will give ones better HA1c results then MI.
> Even for some, it might make HA1c worse.

Pumping certainly made a difference in *my* A1c! My all-time high is
over 21. The lowest A1c I had before going to the pump was over 9, 
and it was over 13 when I started on the pump. Within six months,
it was under 7.0, and I have stayed under 7.0 in 5.5 years of
pumping. I could never achieve that on any of the MI regimens 
that my endocrinologist and I tried.

> I'll explain myself - While using MI, people tend to eat regulary at
> normal hours (they have to, actully). While being on a pump, eating
> regulary is not always the case. Since starting to pump, I've found
> myself eating in times is was "not supposed to" with MI, and not
> eating at all, when not wanting to.
> This makes mylife a whole lot better. But it does makes tight control
> harder. While being on MI, I eat at the same time, and usaully the
> same food (although I didn't had to, but I just did). This made
> result much easier to predict.

If your basal rates are set right, and if you are bolusing properly,
you should still be able to maintain tight control on a pump, even
eating when you want to and not when your insulin "tells" you to.
I think this is one of the wonderful things about the pump! On MI,
I never knew when I was hungry. I just ate when I was supposed to/
had to. I lost my sense of hunger. It came back after a short period
on the pump, and I have actually lost weight because now I eat when
I'm hungry and not when that unpredictable NPH kicks in. 

I understand your point, Alon. If you eat more when it's "okay" to 
eat more, the pump is probably going to "give you permission" to
eat a lot more. However, even in this situation, I think it's possible
to get a good A1c if your basals and boluses are the right amount.
I also agree with you that it's easier to figure out highs and lows
when you have fewer variables to consider. If you are eating the same
thing (nutritionally) at the same time every day, it's much easier to
diagnose problems with your regimen.

I think I'm rambling now. :-)

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