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Re: [IP] Proof that pumps are better than multiple injections

> It's a wonder to me that MM and/or Disetronic hasn't funded any studies
> that investigate whether pumps indeed do result in better DM control or
> fewer hypos than multiple injection therapy. Until they or another source
> of money does, we have to rely on the "anecdotal" evidence (which
> scientists don't consider evidence at all) that people like us provide.

I don't think Pumping will give ones better HA1c results then MI. 
Even for some, it might make HA1c worse.

I'll explain myself - While using MI, people tend to eat regulary at 
normal hours (they have to, actully). While being on a pump, eating 
regulary is not always the case. Since starting to pump, I've found 
myself eating in times is was "not supposed to" with MI, and not 
eating at all, when not wanting to.

This makes mylife a whole lot better. But it does makes tight control 
harder. While being on MI, I eat at the same time, and usaully the 
same food (although I didn't had to, but I just did). This made 
result much easier to predict.
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