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Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George

The one pump issue is wtih certain insurance providers which only cover for
one pump.  We still offer two pumps but some providers will only cover one.
We are continually working with those insurance providers to allow for two


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Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George

>Something doesn't smell right here ...
>I do not know of any option when purchasing a Disetronic which allows you
>to purchase only one pump. The purchase price is for the "whole ball of
>wax" - two pumps, some supplies (different styles of infusion sets, clamps,
>cartridges, etc) and manuals. I am also surprised that your insurer had the
>ability to only get one pump. Did the pump come to you in a box labelled
>Disetronic with literature, etc., or had the product been re-packaged?
>There are some D reps on the list here who may be able to supply some
>>Hey all..
>>I just got shipment of my pump from my insurance company.  It's the
>>H-Tron Disetronic.  I opened the box and there was only one pump in
>>there.  I looked around, only 1 pump.  I call the insurance company and
>>they said, "sorry we only cover 1 pump".. and I explained to them that
>>Disetronic's big philosophy was to always give you two, and I guess
>>their philosophy was to save money.. Is this cool? Has this ever
>>happened to anyone that got the Disetronic?
>Bob Burnett
>mailto:email @ redacted