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Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George

Great points as to one of the key differences:  3 minute pulse.

Thanks for your information and support
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Date: Tuesday, December 02, 1997 4:52 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] MM vs. D/George

>At 01:05 PM 12/2/97 -0500, Joan wrote in reply to George:
>>One difference I haven't seen mentioned is the way basal insulin is
>>delivered. With the D., you get basal insulin every 3 minutes, regardless
>>of the size of your basal. The MM varies the time between basal infusions
>>and keeps the amount constant at .1 unit. At least, that was the case
>>with the previous models. Has this changed? It probably doesn't make a
>>lot of difference for people with large basal rates, and perhaps it
>>doesn't make a difference for people with small basal rates. However,
>>I want basal insulin more often than once an hour, and on a basal rate
>>of .1/hr., I would get only 1 delivery per hour with the MM. My rates
>>vary from .1 to .5.
>After 14 months on a MiniMed 506, I switched to a Disetronic H-TRONplus
>V100 (last June). I have pumped Humalog since August of 1996, with the
>exception of a two week period on Velosolin in September of this year.
>I use low basal rates for long periods, and frequently use temporary basal
>reductions of those amounts for extended exercise. I find the Disetronic
>allows me to maintain a much more stable level of control with these lower
>rates than I was able to achieve with the MM. This is one of the reasons I
>I found with the MM I had to "monkey around" too much to make sure I did
>not miss part of my basal delivery. For example, when I showered in the
>morning, I would have to wait for the MM to deliver a stroke of the basal,
>take my shower, then re-connect before I "missed" another stroke. My basals
>at this time of day are frequently .2 per hour. If I was disconnected when
>the MM "stroked", I missed 1/2 of my basal for that hour. With the
>Disetronic, I don't worry, since there is a "scheduled delivery" every
>three minutes ;-)
>Just recently, I spent several days insulating my attic - normally a bummer
>of a job. I set a temporary basal reduction of 70 % of the normal basal of
>.2 units, and was able to maintain good level BGs during this entire time.
>Some quick math shows that my basal during this period was .06 per hour. No
>clogging, no erratic BGs afterwards, just good results.
>I have had similar success with these low basals and temporary basal
>reductions for lengthy exercise such as cross country skiing, golf, fly
>fishing and snowshoeing. For me, there is a definite difference in results
>with the Disetronic.
>Everyone's mileage will vary I am sure, but for me, the difference is
>Bob Burnett
>mailto:email @ redacted