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Re: [IP] Going low

>It sure is good to hear of others having these symptoms.  I have two boys
>ages 4 and 2, and I can always tell when my sugar is low because I tend to
>get very irritated at the least little thing they do, and I tend to scream
>them so I always go and check my blood sugar

    That is the sign. You also feel sometimes like you are sitting in a
corner watching yourself and have no control. It is like you are watching
someone else. Most of the time, I guess because you are with your loved
ones, it is always someone really special you hurt? It makes you feel like a
stupid bad ass and yet you still have no control. I always thought there
should be some special name for this condition. . . . . . . . Diabetes
Mellitus! Welcome to the club.

President.  Hail to the chief! <BIG GRIN>
Buddy '-)