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Re: [IP] Kudos, Michael, NO BUT


I thought that was what this forum was for - for us to discuss with our cyber
friends and _PEERS_ the s**t that everyone else considers "inconsequential.
 " We are capable of understanding when someone says they dropped their pump
in the toilet cuz it was hooked to their underpants - that is not
inconsequiential - that is PAR FOR OUR COURSE.  We are capable of offering
 feedback or shoulders to cry on, when we are faced with dialysis, amputation
or....  We are also here to share in each others joys...running a marathon,
eating like a "normal" person on turkey day,  or getting an awesome Ha1c. 

Just what exactly does Mr. Joseph refer to when he says our posts have "too
much to do about nothing."

blah blah blah blah

Sara Falconer
DO OR DO NOT THERE IS NO TRY (and I am trying to remember this everyday)