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Re: [IP] [Fwd: This is scary]

yes, Joan.. well apparently this story was so believeable the police
department actually did an investigation to disprove it..
So don't look at me, I totally believed it until you told me it
might not be true...

look at this page http://www.mardigrasday.com/police.html
I did some checking after your message to find this.. so thanks..
sorry about posting that.. I had hoped it wasn't true..

Joan Stout wrote:
> > Considering how valuable kidneys are to diabetics, I thought I
> > would post this.. This is apparently becoming a worse and worse
> > problem...
> Please do not do anything to perpetuate this urban legend! You are
> absolutely right that kidneys are important to people who have
> diabetes. I am waiting for one right now - and a pancreas, too.
> The supply of organs does not meet the demand, and stories like
> this damage the cause of organ donation. You have to decide for
> yourself whether or not you believe these sensational stories.
> After researching the system of organ procurement, donation, and
> transplant in the United States, I do not believe that this problem
> exists.
> BTW, In the headers for the kidney message, I see "email @ redacted"
> and "email @ redacted". It's difficult enough to get people to
> donate organs. We don't need "jokes" making it even more difficult.
> Did you know that you can sign donor card after donor card, but it
> won't make any difference if your family doesn't want to donate your
> organs? Your survivors are the ones who make the decision.
> Sorry for getting on the soap box. I've seen this one time too many!
> Joan
> email @ redacted
> > This was forwarded to me from a friend ....this is a scary but true story
> > ....I've heard about this before.  You may want to forward this warning on to
> > your friends