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Re: [IP] Going low

 I couldn't remember how I got home. I checked
>it and it was 34!!! But I drove home very well. I DO  usually check it
>everytime I drive, but I was only five minutes from the house.

    I seldom drive anymore because of this. These are not even in the same
class with excuses. I'm not trying to scold you but you should NEVER drive
without checking your BG first. I'm really sorry about your mom and this is
EXACTLY the same thing. It matters not what you are drunk from, insulin or
alcohol, you are still DWI.
    I am getting more and more unaware of the lows except for going blind.
When my BG gets below 70 my vision gets worse than it already is and the
lower it goes the worse it gets. Surely you would not want to kill or injure
somebody else's mom, or deprive us of your comments here. . . . . . . . . .

Still love ya,

Buddy '-)
PS    Just 5 minutes from home. . . . . All accidents happen within 25 miles
of home. that's what they claim anyway.