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Re: [IP] [Fwd: This is scary]

> Considering how valuable kidneys are to diabetics, I thought I
> would post this.. This is apparently becoming a worse and worse
> problem...

Please do not do anything to perpetuate this urban legend! You are
absolutely right that kidneys are important to people who have
diabetes. I am waiting for one right now - and a pancreas, too.
The supply of organs does not meet the demand, and stories like
this damage the cause of organ donation. You have to decide for
yourself whether or not you believe these sensational stories.
After researching the system of organ procurement, donation, and
transplant in the United States, I do not believe that this problem

BTW, In the headers for the kidney message, I see "email @ redacted"
and "email @ redacted". It's difficult enough to get people to
donate organs. We don't need "jokes" making it even more difficult.
Did you know that you can sign donor card after donor card, but it
won't make any difference if your family doesn't want to donate your
organs? Your survivors are the ones who make the decision.

Sorry for getting on the soap box. I've seen this one time too many!

email @ redacted

> This was forwarded to me from a friend ....this is a scary but true story
> ....I've heard about this before.  You may want to forward this warning on to
> your friends